Mustard Seed Village

October 15, 2010

Mustard Seed Village

Mustard Seed Village will be constructed on 40 acres on Camano Island.  The first phase of the village will consist of a common building with a central gathering space as well as classrooms and living quarters.  Plans also include a greenhouse, a barn and additional cottage style housing.  The village will be physically designed to both fit into its natural setting and reflect something of the spirit of a seventh century Celtic monastery.  There will be a significant focus on sustainable design and stewardship of the land.  An orchard and garden will provide a high level of food self-sufficiency for those who are part of this community. 

 A major component of the village will be the ability to provide students with a fully immersive, accredited academic semester abroad.  The curriculum will integrate intellectual and spiritual challenges with the learning opportunities of a rural forest environment and an eco-village community.